$100 Million Mansion-House Is Offered For Sale

The exterior resembles European aristocracy country mansions, and the interior design reminds about Baroque palaces. The rooms are decorated with gilding, natural stone and expensive wood. In some rooms the floors are made of natural marble, and wall panels – of solid oak and mahogany. The mansion is fully furnished. The main house has nine bedrooms decorated in the same style, nevertheless they have own unique look. Except the living rooms, there are spa area with massage room, sauna and two swimming pools.

However, it's not the most expensive house in the area. On the Rublyovo-Uspenskoye highway there are two more houses that exceed this one in price and size, they cost $130 mln. and $150 million.

The most expensive offers on the market of elite suburban real estate are confidential. The sales are not reported in open sources and are not advertised. If there is a potential buyer of such a house, the seller is sent the personal data about a client, and he decides on the bargain after considering it.