Albino Animals Are Destined To Suffer

Losing all natural color, they acquire a great white mantle, but it is extremely difficult in the perspective of a lifetime.

Albinism - a genie fail, which is in no way a gift of nature, but rather the opposite. It can’t be cured or waited out till it disappears. It is a defect that permanently deprives the natural color. Albinism gene - is recessive, this means that a baby will lack natural colors, only if both parents carry this gene; that is why they are so rear.

Albinism occurs in nature as a complete or partial. Full albinos are animals, which are deprived of all natural colors. They have pale skin, white fur and red eyes. Often this is observed in warm-blooded animals (birds and mammals) rather than in the cold-blooded (reptile, fish, amphibian). Second group of animals may have the natural color of the eyes, paws, tail and muzzle, but the hair on the entire body will be deprived of pigment. It also happens that the color of hair is mixed, and it has the spots of white.

Sometimes, people are surprised that albinos have very bright red eyes, despite the fact that they have no pigment. But this is not the color of the eyes, their iris is so clear that it is possible to see the choroid through it, which is permeated by capillaries.

The wildlife has its own laws, under which to be noticeable means to doom oneself to death. Bright white coat of albino makes it easily to catch by predators. Even if such animal is able to escape from the danger, it is still visible in the distance. Predator albinos also have the same problem. With bright white color they can’t sneak up to the victim quickly. Such animals may not normally hunt and experience great difficulties with food, which again reduces their population.