Anil Saxena - Creative Photographer

Anil Saxena says that if the photos are successful among the audience, and they do not see the computer processing, it means that he has worked out well. Photo manipulations by Anil are different with special creative vision that borders on symbolism and indispensable humor. Photo illusions are still the same world that we all know but only at the level of allegory, and even some deep reflection.

Anil Saxena is popular among the most famous Indian companies and brands. Even with customized work when he has to comply with all requirements and shouldn’t go beyond the borders, the photographer is trying to bring a share of humor to his work. Anil Saxena said that life is easy, but only when you feel the joy. His career started with the creation of customized collages in the darkroom. After receiving his degree in graphic design, he became interested in photo manipulation that brought him real fame, not only at home, but also far beyond its borders.