Best Photos of National Geographic Contest in 2015

The photos were accepted up to June 30, and now are revealed to the public.

The works of the winners and finalists of this year are represented below. 1st place: Whales Whisperers by Anuar Patjane Floriuk, taken in Costa Rica. 2nd place: Gravel Workmen by Faisal Azim, taken in Bangladesh. 3rd place: Camel Ardah (Arabian race) by Ahmed Al Toqi.

Among other works are: Little tarsier hiding behind leaves by Bonnie Stewart; Immersion by Nadia Aly; Grand prismatic spring by Jassen T.; Lions family by Marja Schwartz; Wedding road by Tristan O'Tierney; Greetings from the Arctic by Laura Keene; A Night at Dead valley by Beth McCarley; Amazing meeting by Danny Caro; Before sunrise by Keisuke Otani; Animal fun by Chee Chang F.; Expecting the unexpected by Stefan Brenner; Morning at Matterhorn by Andrey Omelyanchuk; Little cheetah by Zaev Suskin; Rage by Oscar Martinez; Moments of intimacy by Petra Burova; Dance by Thomas Vijayan; Curious child by Karim Iliya; Storm at sunset by Marcio Cabral; Let's be friends by Anais Angoulvant; Yosemite dreaming by Ellice Cook; Try to catch up by Roie Galitz; Left or right by David Menaker; Tiger dreams by Vijay Nagaraja.