Chemical Explosion In China

According to recent data, 114 people were killed, 70 reported missing, and nearly 700 are in hospitals.

The photos from the scene and several satellite images are just frightening. After the first explosion, the capacity of which is estimated at 3 tons of TNT, there were several new powerful explosions, one of which was 21 tons of TNT.

The place is in ruins, the unknown liquid is running everywhere, and the vehicles are filled with chemicals. The parking area storing thousands of cars is destroyed.

The explosion occurred at the warehouse storing up to 700 tons of sodium cyanide. This toxic chemical can form a flammable mixture in contact with water.

The explosion of toxic materials has led to the contamination of the territory within a radius of 3 km.

Residents of damaged houses refused to accept compensation of 6,000 yuan from the district administration. They demand from the authorities to redeem their apartment, fearing for the safety of buildings, possible environmental degradation and depreciation of real estate in the area of ​​the explosion.

Under the rules, the storage of chemicals has to be at least at 1 000 m from the houses. In fact, it turned out that the nearest residential complex is just 500 meters away.