Do Cats Need A Hairdresser?

Matted fur becomes the breeding ground for fleas and other parasites, spoils the appearance of a pet and gives it discomfort.

To avoid such troubles, you need to comb your pet at least 2 times a week and once a month wash it with a special shampoo against mats, which softens and nourishes the coat, like a balm-conditioner for hair.

If the mats still appeared, in any case do not cut them with scissors close to the skin, because you run the risk of hurting your pet. First, it is worth trying to untangle the mat with your hands or a special comb with fine teeth-iron blades. With accurate motion cut a mat along and try to untangle it again.

Grooming is necessary for cats of long-haired breeds such as Persian. Every 3-6 months as hair grows it is good to take a pet to the hairdresser for animals. However, most of cats respond to a haircut adequately, and you can do it yourself at home.

Periodic haircut is a way to avoid tangles. Also, very long coat gets dirty quickly, which entails frequent washing, which in turn harms the skin. However, it is worth remembering that when grooming, the hair on the head and legs of the animal should better be untouched. The same is about the hair in the ears.

Recently the fashion for extravagant hairstyles appeared for cats. For example, pictures shaved on the back, lion style haircut, or dyed fur in leopard color. Sometimes it looks impressive, but most of all - pretty tasteless and weird. Also do not forget that the animal's fur is the main mechanism of thermoregulation. Therefore, leaving part of the body naked, you risk endangering pet’s health. Not to mention allergies to dyes and reagents.