Exotic Sport - Underwater Rugby

The equipment of rugby players consist of paddles, a mask and a snorkel. In the process of the game someone can easily begin to "drown" another player, or start a fight. Yet the goal may be so beautiful that even if you watch the underwater rugby for the first time you would not resist the emotional exclamations.

The idea of ​​the game with a ball under water appeared to a member of the German Underwater Club, Bundeswehr colonel Ludwig Von Bersuda in 1961. He modified the ball for water polo by pumping it with salty water, which contributed to a negative buoyancy of the ball and it began to sink slowly.

The degree of buoyancy was controlled by varying of the salt concentration within the ball. Thus he invented the first underwater ball. After that appeared a question: what game can actually be played with such a ball? At first, the colonel came up with something in between volleyball and basketball: blocking the pool with a net and placing the basket on the opposite sides, Ludwig offered the players to throw the ball into the opponent's basket and the net served as an additional obstacle in the game. Two years later Bersuda introduced the game to the public, and only after people saw some of the underwater photo shoots, the game became popular.

Underwater rugby is a vivid example that exotic - does not mean boring. Emotions from the goals are the same as in the World Cup.