Family Rest in the Park with Tame Alligators

Over thousands alligators from young to adults wandered around the farm. For 25 cents visitors could observe the alligators rolling down the slopes into the water, take a walk with one of them, swim with them, and even have a picnic surrounded by giant reptiles.

Alligator also liked such Hollywood success: they were shot in movies about Tarzan and "attacked" people in dangerous scenes.

In 1953 the farm moved to the area of ​​Buena Vista, near the amusement park «Knotts Berry Farm». By 1984, the attendance was down, the farm was closed, and the alligators were taken to a private nursery in Florida.

One of the pictures shows that it is impossible to imagine a more relaxing way to spend the day than to lie next to the alligator, flipping through a magazine and smoking a cigarette. Children were walking next to small groups of alligators and it was absolutely safe. People were sunbathing and enjoy a picnic right in the small swimming pool surrounded by alligators.

Small baby alligators were fed with milk from a bottle like cats. Big alligators were led by a chain on a walk. Children could even ride an alligator. Even dogs made friends with alligators.