Fantastic Floral Park In Dubai

Different landscape designs were developed by participants from many countries. Some of them pretend to be recorded in the Guinness Book. For example, visitors can see a 10-meter flower pyramid and 800-meter wall of diverse plants.

The main flower which was used is petunia; among others are geraniums, marigolds, coleus, and many others.

In order to water the garden florists use drip irrigation system, this means underground watering the roots and saving both electricity and water. It is amazing but Dubai Miracle Garden is founded in a bare arid desert. The project leader just wanted to prove that with certain efforts and reusing wastewater, the desert can become an oasis.

In order to protect tender flowers from desert winds, the specialists planted the line of trees on the perimeter, which are intended to stop sand drifts.

In the hottest summer months the Miracle Garden doesn’t work. However, at any other time the visitors can come and enjoy the beauty of the blooming paradise.