Graphics from Swiss Artist Christo Dagorov

He learned how to draw independently and within three years after the appearance of his first pictures he began to represent own paintings at exhibitions and galleries in Switzerland.

He creates own paintings using only a pencil. Pencil drawing causes particular emotions of the viewer. The pencil seems ordinary and everyday object. Pencils can be found in every home, but few can assume that with the help of this simple object, you can create a real picture. Swiss artist Christo Dagorov shows his mastery of drawing with a pencil. His stunning level of professionalism, accuracy of detail and creative view of things can really please fans of Fine Arts. It should be noted that the special project called “Lips” is the object of great attention. Various surrealistic scenes, views, landscapes, and so on are drawn in the format of the lips and they are a kind of allegorical symbolism.