Postapocalypses ULTIMA by Artist Nick Pedersen

This series of paintings refers to the style of post-apocalypse. However post-apocalypse of this artist is a little different from what others artists depict in the works of this genre. If general understanding of the post-apocalypse refers to a form of fiction depicting the world of the future, in Nick’s works post-apocalypse plays a symbolic role, which tells about the conflict of technology-related nature and wildlife of the planet.

ULTIMA is the confrontation between man and nature, which in the end would lead to the victory of only one of them. Pictures of Nick Pedersen demonstrate how in the future everything that was once made by people will be a part of the landscape in the form of useless and crumbling buildings. Man once again will return to the way of life of the ancestors, and nature will win the life on the planet. Nick Pedersen is the protector of the environment. With his paintings, he wants to show people that it is high time to use own mind, not only to earn money but also to think about the environment, which is on the verge of death.