Turtwig – Grass Type Pokemon from Fourth Generation

Its carapace is made of soil, and Pokémon usually lives near the water so the soil can be constantly kept moist. However, unlike the turtles, this Pokémon is very mobile, can run fast and jump. It has yellow eyes, yellow lower part of the jaw and yellow edging on the feet. Turtwig has a very wide mouth with something of a nib on the upper part of the jaw, but it has no teeth. At the head this Pokemon has a sprig with two leaves, through which it receives energy by the means of photosynthesis.

Turtwig evolves in Grotle at level 18, and then into Torterra at level 32. Turtwig was one of the main Ash’s Pokemons during his travels to the region Sinnoh.

Turtwig is the heaviest of the starting Pokemons. Turtwig evolves only on level 18, later than any other starter pokemon. Turtwig’s image is based on a child's toy-turtle. Name Turtwig is a combination of the words Tur (turtle) and Twig (branch).